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Expect to discover more about God

CCC Heart LogoWhat can you expect at our Sunday Morning Gathering?

Since we strive to honor God and engage people, you can always expect that they will be crafted with both you and God in mind.

With you in mind, we utilize a variety of mediums and styles to create a worship experience that (hopefully) engages you. You might hear some older music; you might hear some newer music; you might hear a reading or see a video. We strive to design the Sunday morning gathering so that you will connect with something that is meaningful to your life.

With God in mind, we strive to do our very best in every way because the kind of God we desire to point you to desires our very best. No matter how far from or close to God you might describe yourself, through the Sunday morning gathering we desire to help you take a step closer to discover something that can make a radical difference in your life: love for God, others and the world around you.