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Monday Move - Logo -BlueHow to Influence People and Win Friends is a book written by Dale Carnegie published in 1936.  Having sold over 15 million copies worldwide, it is one of the best-selling books of all time.  In 2011, it was #19 on the most influential books list of Time Magazine.

One of the reasons this book has been so sought after is because people desire to influence others and win friends.  Because of this desire, we seek to discover, develop, and implement patterns to have a (hopefully) positive impact in the lives of others.

If there was someone who was the greatest positive influencer in history, would you be interested in discovering is pattern for influencing people and attracting followers.  The greatest positive influencer in history is Jesus – and his pattern was to invite people to follow him.

As he engaged and connected with people, his early followers responded with great enthusiasm and immediate action to go, find, and invite others to follow Jesus, too.  One of these early followers was a guy named John who wrote an account of Jesus’ life, including the story of an encounter between Jesus and some of his early followers.

In part 1 (Come and See) of CCC’s One Day series, this encounter revealed the pattern of Jesus to invite people to follow him and the response of the early followers to go, find, and invite others to follow Jesus, too.

Check out the encounter(s) in John 1:35-51 and next step/consider the following questions about the pattern of inviting and the response of some early followers.

  • What types of things do you find it easy to invite people to?
  • What types of things do you find challenging to invite people to?
  • What’s the difference between the two?
  • Why do you think the two followers of John the Baptist left and followed Jesus?
  • What kind of awareness and attentiveness did Jesus show when addressing the two? Why is it important to be aware of and attentive to opportunities around us?
  • How is “come and see” an invitation to connect and engage with Jesus?
  • Why was Andrew compelled to find his brother and bring him to meet Jesus?
  • What does Jesus’ invitation “come follow me” to Philip mean?
  • Why was Philip compelled to find Nathanael and invite him to meet Jesus?
  • How are people today skeptical like Nathanael?
  • What overcome Nathanael’s skepticism?
  • What kind of skepticism about Jesus do people have today and how can it be overcome?
  • In what ways can people today “come and see” who Jesus is and what he’s about?
  • What next steps will you follow the pattern and extend an invitation?

Jesus didn’t invite people to win friends; he invited people to attract followers.  He didn’t invite people to follow simply to attract followers but to influence people into right relationship with God.  His early followers adopted this pattern and then Jesus handed off the pattern to them officially.  The pattern wasn’t handed off to just the Jesus-followers of that day, but to all the followers every day.

Today is Monday – make it a day that you follow the pattern and invite people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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