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Monday Move - Logo -BlueThe word “declaring” means “to say something in an emphatic manner; to formally announce the beginning of something; to pronounce or assert a person or thing to be something specified.”  The “declaring” around the story of the first Christmas connects with each of these descriptors.

The privilege of declaring the good news of the first Christmas to a young Jewish girl named Mary was given to an angel named Gabriel.  The declaration he made was the focus of part 3 (DeclarING) of CCC’s Christmas-ing series.  What he declared was good news to Mary and it is still good news for

Take a few minutes to read Luke 1:26-38 and the next step of considering these questions about the good news declared around the first Christmas.

  • What messages tend to get “declared” around Christmas? In commercials?  In other places?
  • What do you think Gabriel means when he declares to Mary, “The Lord is with you”?
  • What circumstances lead you to believe “the Lord is with you” and what circumstances make that challenging?
  • What do you think it means that Mary “found favor with God so she would be the one to give birth to Jesus?
  • If “Son of the Most High” refers to Jesus being God’s Son, what is the significance of that even beyond the story of the first Christmas?
  • If the Jews were waiting for the Messiah who would be directly descended from King David, what does Gabriel’s message declare about Jesus?
  • What is the significance that Jesus was conceived & born uniquely different than the normal human conception and birth?
  • How does that uniquely qualify him to redeem sin & restore relationship with God? How is that good news?  For you?  For everyone?
  • Is there an individual you know who needs the good news of Christmas declared in their life? How might you play a role in that process?
  • What next steps will you take to declare that the good news of Christmas is for you and for everyone?

We tend to declare a lot of things around Christmas!  We declare we are not going to spend too much, eat too much, or stress to much – but sometimes in the midst of all we declare we miss the good news that was declared around the very first Christmas!

The good news of the first Christmas is that God loves you just as you are but too much to leave you there – so an extraordinary baby (Jesus) was born in an extraordinary way (no earthly father needed) for an extraordinary purpose (redeem human kind from sin and restore right relationship with God).  The good news of the first Christmas is still good news worth declaring today!

Today is Monday – make it a day where you declare the good news of Christmas for you and for everyone!

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