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Monday Move - Logo - GreenWhether it’s neighborhood competitions, TV shows like the Great Christmas Light Fight, or just pure enjoyment, there are some pretty extravagant Christmas light displays.  And there are a lot of choices when it comes to Christmas lights.  There are interior light and exterior lights.  There are multi-color lights, single color lights in an array of colors like white, blue, green, and red.  Once the interior, exterior, and color scheme is selected, then there’s the whole design part of a Christmas light display

There is a “Christmas Light” introduced in the events of the first Christmas that transcends any interior, exterior, color scheme, or design considerations.  The “Christmas Light” introduced in the events of the first Christmas is identified as “the true light that gives life to everyone” and “the light of the world.”

The story of the first Christmas is about the birth of a baby named Jesus, who came to redeem people from sin and restore right relationship with God.  The impact and implications of Jesus as this “Christmas Light” is for anyone and everyone who will place their trust in him – which was explored in part 3 (Follow the Light) of CCC’s Christmas Lights series.

Take a few minutes to read the following parts of the accounts of Jesus’ life and the next step of considering the corresponding questions about connecting them to Christmas Lights.

  • How long is too long to leave up Christmas lights after Christmas?

Read John 8:12

  • What do you think it means for Jesus to be the “light of the world”?
  • What does it mean/look like to follow Jesus?
  • How does following Jesus keep us from walking in darkness?

Read Luke 1:26-38

  • How does the “Son of the Most High” connect with Jesus being the Son of God?
  • What kind of kingdom might Jesus establish that “will never end”?
  • How are the “kingdoms” we try to establish temporal?

Read Matthew 1:18-25

  • What does it mean to “save” someone from something?
  • How would you define sin? Why would people need to be saved from their sins?
  • Since Jesus was sent to save people from their sins, how does that impact you personally and practically speaking?
  • How do Matthew and Luke connect with the idea of Jesus being the “light of the world”?
  • How did this message impact you? What questions does it raise?
  • What next steps will you take to follow the light?

When Jesus identified himself as the “light of the world” it was with an invitation to follow him and a promise that those who choose to follow him will not have to walk in darkness.  Think of it this way – when we walk in a dark area with a flashlight in our possession, we turn on the light and point it ahead of us so we can see what we need to see to go where we need to go.  We follow the light.  In a similar way, when we embrace Jesus as the “light of the world” we shine him in front of us and follow him to see what we need to see to go where we need to go.  Light provides direction and reveals dangers – and this is exactly what Jesus does as the “light of the world.”  It’s why he was born on the first Christmas!

Today is Monday – make it a day that you follow the light!

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