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Everyone has had circumstances in which he or she has felt stuck – and these circumstances may have lasted more than a moment.  Perhaps they became a season or maybe even the overall approach to life.

It may be a job or a relationship or finances or health – but somewhere along the way most people encounter circumstances in which they feel stuck.  When people feel stuck, it seems that nothing will change the challenge of the current circumstances (in fact, it seems the circumstances may even get worse).  When people feel stuck, there may be a lot of options but it seems there are no solutions.

In part 1 (Hanging On!) of CCC’s series, Stuck, a guy named John the Baptist potentially felt stuck and sent a question with a couple of his followers to Jesus, who was going through the region doing Jesus things.

Check out the circumstances, question, and answer in Matthew 11:1-18 (and Matthew 4:12-13 for even more tension) and next step/consider the following questions about navigating the tension points of feeling stuck.

  • In what kind of circumstances do you tend to feel stuck?
  • What types of options do you lean into when you feel stuck?
  • What is the difference between options and solutions?
  • Why might John have felt “stuck” in his circumstances?
  • When you feel stuck, who do you go to with questions?
  • Why is having someone to ask questions and seek counsel from important, especially when you feel stuck?
  • How might Jesus’ answer to John not have alleviated the feeling of being stuck?
  • How do you view it when you feel stuck and it seems like everyone else is receiving the “good stuff” of life?
  • Since Jesus felt so strongly and fondly toward John, why do you think he didn’t do more to alleviate John feeling stuck?
  • When you feel stuck, in what ways do you struggle with the timing of things and God’s role in the timing?
  • Have you ever felt God showed up too late?  What were those circumstances?
  • Have you felt stuck and wondered if God would show up at all?  What was the biggest tension you felt during this time?
  • Why is trust such a difficult step when you feel stuck?
  • What next steps will you navigate the tension points of feeling stuck?

Everyone has had circumstances in which he or she has felt stuck.  But because of trust, there is a difference between feeling stuck and being stuck.  When we feel stuck, it seems there are a lot of options but no solutions.  When we embrace trust in God and who Jesus is, we embrace a solution beyond any other option.

Today is Monday – make it a day you hang on to trust even when you feel stuck.

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