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Monday Move - Logo -BlueIn the 1984 Winter Olympics, a collection of individual basketball players came together to win Olympic Gold for the United States.  It was regarded as the best team ever put together.  In 1988, the collection of players put together failed to win an Olympic Gold.  In response, the United States Olympic Committee decided to send the best of the best to the Olympics and put together a collection of professional basketball players who became known as “The Dream Team” (and yes, they won the gold medal…easily).

As great as each of those players was individually, none could have achieved (or gone down in legend) what was done apart from the team.  The dream of this team required the team to come together and for each team member to take ownership of the dream.

Every Olympic dreamer is part of a team (all US Olympians are part of Team USA) and the achievements of every Olympic dreamer is the result of the contributions of a team (every athlete has others who work with them to accomplish his or her dream).

It taking teamwork to make a dream work isn’t just an Olympic thing; it’s a life thing.  Every dream – even those that seem to be individual (and are not of an Olympic nature) requires a team.  One person who experienced the “teamwork makes the dream work” aspect of things was a pretty significant guy in Israel’s history named Moses.

When God gave Moses the “dream” of leading Israel out of Egypt after 400 years of slavery, Aaron became part of the team God used to make the dream work.  When Moses was overwhelmed by the demands of leadership during Israel’s wilderness wanderings, Jethro became part of the team God used to make the dream work.

When God gave Moses the “dream” of building a Tabernacle (which literally means “tent of meeting”) for Israel, it was a dream to big for one person to accomplish alone.

Check out part 1 (More Than One) of CCC’s Dream? Team! Series and then take a few minutes to read Exodus 35:4-36:9 (through Exodus 40:38 for full context) and the next step of considering the following questions about how it takes teamwork to make the dream work.

  • What is your favorite winter Olympic sport?
  • Do you tend to see the Olympics as an individual or team event? In what ways are the Olympics a team event?
  • How was the “dream” of building the Tabernacle more than one person could accomplish alone?
  • When it comes to the resources needed to build the Tabernacle, what might be the benefit of everyone contributing to the dream?
  • What do you think motivated the people to give toward the dream of building the Tabernacle?
  • What do you think keeps people from being generous today?
  • Why was it important for other people to contribute to the doing of building the Tabernacle?
  • Bezalel & Oholiab were able to teach their skills to others? Why is that important for a dream bigger than one person can accomplish alone?
  • The narrative of Exodus says several times that things were done “just as God commanded.” Why is it important to ensure our dreams align with what God desires for us?
  • What part of your dreams align with what God desires for you? What part of your dreams are misaligned?  How can you align them?
  • What next steps will you take to clarify your dream & identify your team?

“It takes teamwork to make a dream work” isn’t just an Olympic thing or a Moses thing; it’s an “us” thing.  Each of us has a dream of some kind.  How can you clarify your dream (and make sure it aligns with what God desires for you) and identify your team (those who can help positively propel you in the pursuit of your dream)?

Today is Monday – make it a day where you clarify your dream and identify your team!

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