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Monday Move - Logo - GreenA logo is an organization’s visual identity simplified into an icon.  What would you choose as your top 3-5 favorite logos?  What makes them your favorites?  What makes a logo a good logo?

According to marketing experts, a logo works when it is memorable but more significantly when it connects with a deep desire in the human heart in a compelling way.  The visual connection of a logo can make or break the potential relationship with someone an organization desires to connect with.

Leading into CCC’s “Next: One Story” message, a video “game” was introduced called “ID the Logo” (check it out to see which logos you are familiar with and why…you’ll also want to check out at least the intro of the message to learn some more interesting things about some familiar logos).

A logo is part of how an organization tells it’s story, and smart, creative people stay awake at night dreaming of memorable and compelling logo ideas.  The church is entrusted with the greatest story in history and should communicate it in memorable and compelling ways.  This means the message should be communicated creatively within the context of the culture in which the church is connecting.

This something the early church leader, Paul did – not just in the way he told the story but in how he identified and connected with the culture into which he was communicating.  The reason he did this was because he had an encounter with Jesus that changed everything for him.

Take a few minutes to read this part of Saul/Paul’s story in Acts 9:1-31 and the next step of considering the following questions about encountering Jesus and connecting with the culture.

  • Why was Saul so opposed to the Jesus movement? In what ways have you been opposed to Jesus’ work in your life?
  • What question or questions would you ask if you were stopped as Saul was on the road to Damascus?
  • Jesus asked Paul to go to Damascus – how do you respond to where Jesus asks you to go (or do what he asks you to do)?
  • In what ways did Saul’s encounter with Jesus change his life and mission? What are some ways Jesus might want to change your life?
  • Saul was to tell the Jesus story to the Gentiles (non-Jews) of his day. As a Jew, why might this have been a big deal to Saul?  Why is it a big deal today for people to be told the Jesus story?
  • Why was Ananias hesitant or fearful to engage with Saul? Why were other followers of Jesus afraid?
  • How was Saul’s change of mission evident to others?
  • Saul became known as Paul – why was this important for him to engage and connect with the non-Jews in the culture? Why is it important for followers of Jesus today to engage and connect with the culture?
  • What next steps will you take to connect with the culture, individually and collectively?

If the church is entrusted with the greatest story in history and if the culture changes rapidly, should not the way the message is communicated fit within the context of the culture?  The message itself does not change!  It’s a story of forgiveness, grace, redemption, hope – all predicated on God’s great love for us manifested in what Jesus did on our behalf.  What changes as the culture changes is HOW the story is told and HOW the church and followers of Jesus engage and connect with the culture to invite people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Check out the NEXT: Big Idea post for information about the big idea for CCC shared at the end of the One Story message.

Today is Monday – make it a day that you encounter Jesus and connect with the culture!

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