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Monday Move - Logo -BlueEvery dream encounters opposition and delays!  Some of the opposition and delays even have the potential to be a dream-killer altogether.  There are countless stories of dreams that were cut short because of opposition and delays.  Sometimes it’s the result of giving up too quickly; sometimes it’s the result of becoming complacent; sometimes it’s the result of staying problem-centered rather than solution-centered.

In part 3 (Opposed & Delayed) of CCC’s Dream? Team! series, the nation of Israel encountered opposition and delays in the dream of rebuilding the Jewish Temple.  It is a story in which opposition and delays take several forms and could potentially derail or kill the dream altogether.

Just like Israel’s, every one of our dreams encounters opposition and delay.  How can Israel’s story connect to our stories?

Take a few minutes to read Ezra 1:1-8:36 and the next step of considering the following questions about how opposition and delay can potentially be dream-killers.

  • How would you describe the “dream” of the Israelites?
  • Why do you think some people chose to stay in Babylon rather than return to Jerusalem?
  • How can complacency be a dream-killer? How can complacency create tension within a team?
  • Why do you think those who had seen the first Temple were upset with the foundation of the second Temple?
  • Why do you think those who had not seen the first Temple were overjoyed with the foundation of the second Temple?
  • What’s a current example of how different reactions like above serve as a potential dream-killer?
  • How can “internal strife” on a team be a dream-killer?
  • Why do you think the local non-Jewish residents in Jerusalem were opposed to the rebuilding of the Temple?
  • How can external opposition be a dream-killer?
  • Do you expect opposition to the dream you are pursuing?
  • How do you typically respond to opposition?
  • What next steps will you take to not allow opposition to be a dream-killer?

Every dream is met with dream-killers – sometimes the opposition or delay comes in the form of complacency (internal motivation); sometimes the opposition or delay comes from within the team itself; sometimes the opposition or delay comes from an external source not connected to the dream or the team.

In the story of Israel rebuilding the Temple, it was those who were of a “unified purpose” and solution-centered rather than problem-centered who partnered together for teamwork to make the dream work.  Israel’s story connects with our stories because every one of us has a dream –  and every one of our dreams will encounter a potential dream-killer.  But, just like Israel, opposition and delay do not have to become dream-killers.

Today is Monday – make it a day where you refuse to allow opposition or delay to become a dream-killer!

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