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Monday Move - LogoThe three major belief systems (religions) in the world are Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  There are some major differences between these belief systems – and actually some significant differences between the different “camps” in each belief system.

There are also some things in common between the different belief systems.  All three agree there is a single God who created the heavens and the earth.  All three agree that at some point the world God created became a big mess.  All three agree that God faced a decision about the mess – he could get involved or he could put up an “out of order” sign.  All three agreed God got involved through a single individual named Abraham.  This is where the three major religions agree – but it is also with Abraham that all three go in very different directions.

These ideas of agreement and disagreement served as the starting point for part 3 (Out of Order) of CCC’s Starting Point message series.  To get involved in the mess, God made some promises to Abraham.  How Abraham responds had implications for him and for those who have come after him, including people still today.

Check out the promises and response in Genesis 12:1-4; 15:1-6 and then consider the following questions about how God’s involvement through Abraham connects to your life.

  • Is there a time when you encountered a “mess” but didn’t know where to start cleaning it up? What did you do?
  • How do you think you would have responded if God told you to leave home for a place he would show you later?
  • Do you think the promises God made to Abram would make a difference in your response?
  • In what ways has God fulfilled the 3 promises to Abram?
    • How has Abram become a great nation?
    • How has Abram’s name become great?
    • How have all peoples been blessed through Abram?
  • Why might Abram have been discouraged about God fulfilling his promises (in Genesis 15)?
  • How might God’s reaffirmation have refocused Abram on those promises?
  • Is there a time you have been discouraged about God’s role (promises) in your life? What did that discouragement look like for you?
  • What is something that might have refocused you on God’s promises over the discouragement?
  • What role does trust play in your relationship with God?
  • What next steps will you take to trust God to be who he says he will be and do what he says he will do?

The world God created had become a mess!  God was faced with a decision – get involved in cleaning up the mess or leave the world to its own “out of order” mess.  Fortunately, God chose to get involved.  Unfortunately, people still make a mess of the world (and their own lives) today.  Fortunately, God still chooses to get involved.  What remains is whether people choose to trust God to be who he says he will be and do what he says he will do.

Today is Monday – make it a day that you take a step toward a relationship of trust with God.

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