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Monday Move - Logo -BlueHave you ever put together a piece of “ready-to-assemble” furniture?  It seems the experience never goes as smoothly as “advertised.”  The instructions don’t make sense; the little connectors never line up or fit properly (or just break), and there are always extra screws and nails.  The process can be quite maddening – but when you finish, the satisfaction is almost unmatched.

We tend to take satisfaction in things for which we are responsible.  We also tend to work harder and do a better job when we feel a personal sense of responsibility for a task or job.  In part 2 (Own It) of CCC’s Dream? Team! series, a Jewish guy named Nehemiah did a masterful job of connecting a dream to the personal responsibility of the team.  Simply put, he created a sense of ownership in the team it would take to accomplish the dream.

Take a few minutes to read Nehemiah 1:1-4:6 and the next step of considering the following questions about how the dream requires the team to take ownership.

  • Why do you think Nehemiah was bothered by the conditions of things in Jerusalem?
  • Why was it risky for Nehemiah to request to return to Jerusalem?
  • Why would the conditions in Jerusalem be considered a “national disgrace” for Israel?
  • Why would the “dream” of rebuilding the wall be something the people could become a team around?
  • Are you surprised there was opposition to Nehemiah pursuing the rebuilding dream? In what ways have you encountered resistance to your dreams?
  • What do you see as the significance of specific people rebuilding sections of the wall directly across from where they lived?
  • How might repairing that section impact the “ownership” of the dream for each person?
  • How might repairing that section impact the quality of work done in each section?
  • How might repairing that section impact the enthusiasm with which the work was done?
  • How does connecting our role to the bigger picture of a dream impact our “ownership” of it? How does a more personal connection impact ownership?
  • What next steps will you take to identify your section?

Nehemiah knew it takes teamwork to make the dream work, but he also knew we are more effective as a team when our responsibilities matter to us personally (beyond just the bigger picture dream).  As each person worked on the section of the wall directly across from where he lived, that section mattered – deeply and personally.

There is a “section” of a dream somewhere just waiting to connect with you – deeply and personally.  Every person has a dream, but every person is also part of a team with a dream beyond “me.”  There is a part of a dream somewhere that matters to every person – something in which you can take ownership.

Today is Monday – make it a day where you identify your section and work enthusiastically!

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