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Monday Move - Logo - RedPushing pause on the digital playing device (think DVR, ITune control panel, etc.) allows the content to be stopped for a temporary time so that something else can be tended or paid attention to.  There are experiences or moments in experiences when pushing pause is a very wise decision.

Oftentimes in a moment, we are so immersed in an experience – positively or negatively – that we are inclined to speak before we think.  Sometimes we may even miss the mark in what we say because we don’t know the full context of the experience.  Had we only pushed pause and listened before we spoke, we would have been better off.

In these moments, it’s not even always that our ideas are bad ideas or our comments are bad comments; it’s just that they miss the mark because they are out of alignment with the overall context of what’s happening in the experience.

Jesus’ followers, Peter, James and John were invited into an experience that’s become known as “The Transfiguration.”  This experience was the focus of part 5 (Push Pause) of CCC’s Hit & Miss series.  In a moment of the experience, Peter speaks before he thinks and suggests a well-intentioned idea that seems good on the surface but misses the mark because it’s out of alignment with God’s intentions.

Check out the experience in Luke 9:28-36 and the next step of considering the following questions about pushing pause to think before we speak and listen as we think.

  • Tell of an experience you just didn’t want to end. What made you want it to not end?
  • Why do you think Jesus didn’t invite all of his followers into this experience?
  • How would you respond if someone transformed before you like Jesus did in this moment?
  • Moses and Elijah were both significant figures in Jewish history. What do you think the significance is of their conversation about Jesus’ exodus?
  • Why do you think Peter didn’t want this experience to end?
  • In what ways does Peter’s suggestion seem like a good idea?
  • In what ways was Peter’s idea not in alignment with God’s plan?
  • Why do you think God interrupted Peter’s idea?
  • What is the significance of God calling Jesus his “Son” and “Chosen One”?
  • The Jewish people were promised a “prophet greater than Moses.” What is the significance of God directing the followers there to listen to Jesus?
  • Why do you think Peter, James and John didn’t tell anyone about their experience?
  • What next steps will you take to push pause & listen to what God desires for you?

The Transfiguration was an incredible experience in the history of time.  No one could blame Peter for not wanting the moment to end.  If, for Peter, all of life could be just like that moment he would never have a care in the world.

As powerful as that moment in history was, fulfilling and advancing Jesus’ mission required Jesus to come down from the mountain, be rejected by, and suffer at the initiative of the Jewish religious leaders.  It also required Peter, James and John coming down from the mountain and engaging in advancing the mission of Jesus.

Moments are powerful!  Moments should be captured and remembered!  But moments will always be insufficient motivation for following and growing in relationship with Jesus!  More than moments, we need to push pause and listen to and align every moment of our lives with what God desires.

Today is Monday – make it a day that you push pause to think before you speak and listen as you think!

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