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Monday Move - LogoScience Fiction is often difficult to define, but basically it’s a genre of literature and media that surrounds fictional ideas based on science.  Profound, right?  Fiction means it’s made up stuff that’s not really true around or about science-type stuff.

It’s an interesting dynamic because very often science is predicated and focused on what can be determined to be true.  Science is systematic knowledge about the physical world gained through experimentation and observation.  Science and scientists are most often committed to basing their beliefs on what can be verified as true.

Science is often put in a box that seems to compete with (or contradict) matters of faith, which is defined as “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see.”  If faith is confident in what we cannot see, it is easy to see how some people can come to think science and faith are incompatible.

In part 5 (Science Fiction) of CCC’s God in a Box series, it was discovered that faith and science are not incompatible but very much complimentary.  Science is not fiction to faith – and faith is not fiction to science.

Take a few minutes to read Romans 1:18-32 and the next step of considering the following questions about how science and faith aren’t fiction with one another.

    • What’s your favorite sc-fi TV show or movie? What makes it your favorite?
    • What is your general opinion about the relationship between science and faith?
    • What are some ways people suppress truth? What are some ways people suppress truth about God?
    • What do you think Paul means when he writes that God has made truth about him obvious? In what ways do people say truth about God is not obvious?
    • In what ways do nature and creation communicate obvious truth about God? How is this impacted by people who reject God as creator?
    • How would you describe God’s “invisible qualities”?
    • What kind of ideas about God would you describe as “foolish”? Why would you describe them that way?
    • What results did Paul write about from foolish ideas about God? In what ways do you see those kinds of results in the world today?
    • What kind of behavior did the people who rejected God manifest? Do you see those kinds of behaviors in people today?
    • How did those behaviors and attitudes extend beyond the individuals who held them?
    • How does this relate to science and faith?
    • What next steps will you take to discover the compatibility between science and faith?

God has made truth obvious to everyone since the creation of the world, and through the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities can be clearly seen.  Even what is invisible can be seen – interesting thought, right?  If what is invisible can be seen, maybe science (which is based on what can be seen) and faith (which is about what is unseen) are not incompatible but indeed complimentary.

Today is Monday – make it a day that you step toward science complimenting faith and faith complimenting science.

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