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Monday Move - LogoWhen it comes to travel plans, are you someone who “goes with the flow,” someone who has every detail planned out, or someone in between the two?  Making travel plans can sometimes create a certain amount of stress.  The travel itself can also cause some stress – especially when the travel doesn’t go according to plan.  That just happens sometimes, right?

The same thing happens in life, too!  Sometimes unexpected things happen that can throw us off balance – especially in relationship to what’s next in life.  And, when we get off balance, it can be very difficult to get rebalanced.  What if there was something (or someone) we could hold on to that would serve as an anchor of stability and hope no matter what’s next?

Check out part 2 (Travel Plans) of CCC’s Shift series and then take the next step of reading Hebrews 6:16-19 and considering the following questions about just such an anchor.

  • What are some things in life that can make us feel off balance?
  • When we are off balance, why is it so challenging to get rebalanced?
  • Why do you think we instinctively need something to focus on and hold on to when we are off balance?
  • What types of things have you heard people swear by?
  • Why do you think we swear by something or someone greater than us?
  • What type of credibility would it take for someone to “end all argument” in something they have said or promised?
  • What does it mean to you that God’s purpose is unchanging?
  • How does it being impossible for God to lie impact your view of God’s nature? How does it impact your view of God’s promise?
  • What things did the readers of Hebrews flee to follow Jesus? What things might you need to flee?
  • How does God’s unchanging character and promise serve as an anchor of hope?
  • In what ways can this hope encourage you?
  • What is that keeps you from anchoring to the hope that is found in right relationship with God?
  • What next steps will you take to anchor your hope in right relationship with God?

Whether we are off balance or everything is going well, we all need something (or someone) greater than ourselves to focus on and hold on to that will provide stability in what’s next as well as what’s now.  The unchanging nature of God’s nature and promise offers this kind of anchor.

Today is Monday – make it a day where you anchor your hope in right relationship with God!

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